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5 Most common myths about VPNs

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network a well-known technology to the Humans of the computer age. It is basically remote access to a server as a client but the only difference is between VPNs and Remote Access Networks is that VPNs are secured and encrypted Networks. Another Thing is VPNs can host a vast number of clients without interrupting their Data Traffic.

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The Internet world is accessed from the other end of the secure connections which is the server in all cases. Still, people are reluctant to VPNs because of many Myths. These Myths are causing misconceptions and Chaos to the people about VPN. However, the facts have always been in favor of VPN and security which it offers.

Most Common Myths about VPNs and the reality…

MYTH No 1:  My Data and Files are not vulnerable

Let me tell you this, all the VPNs are not same.. Some are more trusted and secure than others! And, if you are using a free VPN we have got news for you:

You could very well be the next victim of a hacker!

A majority of people neglect VPN all the time because of the overconfidence and lack of the knowledge about Cyber Crime. Personal Computer (PC) Users think generally that who is going to steal their private information and documents? And their self-included answer is No one! So, once you neglect the fact that you are vulnerable to malicious attacks from the Trojan Horses and other Viruses which somehow end up in your system even with an anti-virus and cyber criminals can very easily exploit your personal and confidential information.

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There have been breaches into the most secured Networks termed as Cyber Crimes. So, you are not that safe as much you think you are. Online Shopping, Accounts, Bank Transfers, Data Sharing, Filling Forms wherever you drop your personal credentials over insecure Networks you can be a target to adversaries.

In this case, you need to encrypt your traffic to make your connection secure; you need a well-trusted and secure VPN like IPVanish or Express VPN, who will allow access through its Network.

MYTH NO 2: VPN is immune to every attack

Just because you are using VPN which is, of course, an encrypted connection doesn’t mean there can be no attacks on your system. VPN is not a firewall for your operating system. It is necessary to enhance your systems with good Anti-Virus, Intrusion Prevention, and Anti-Malware tools. Some downloaded content i.e. source files may be infected which has been securely transferred and now making a mess.

MYTH NO 3: Internet speed will decrease down

This myth is actually funny and common among the people because of the fact that all data is encrypted and first remotely sent to a secure server and then to the IP address or Website in question and vice versa. This myth is totally wrong because VPN not only provides secure connections but also sometimes provide good and efficient speed from their fast server allowing maximum bandwidth.

VPN Speed test

However, degraded internet speed is because of poor VPN or simply you have not upgraded your internet connection. Sometimes there can be technical issues. In the nutshell, a good VPN has a lot of perks.

MYTH NO 4: No information is sold or collected by VPN Providers

In the era of digital marketing and business, the opportunity for protection and security provider companies has enhanced as almost every person is attached to the digital World. Companies provide a privacy protection tool and sometimes cannot contain it because of excessive users and finally end up creating a mess; breaking the trust of users and clients. It is not the bed of roses!

So, what will be the odds once you grant full access to your sensitive data? You need to consider this threat more seriously! Why does a VPN provider require such kind of access in the first place? So, anyone who ask permission for such nonsense, you need to turn it down i.e. reject it immediately.

Choosing Your VPN Provider

You can see their privacy policy which states everything. A common example is “Allow access to data and mobile applications for analyzing”. This may include access to personal data!

You certainly don’t want this!

MYTH NO 5: All VPNs are similar to each other!

Actually, there can be different types of VPNs and it is possible that you don’t know much about them! VPNs differ from each other depending upon their security protocols, their encryption types and other means which are important in the development of a tool.

Also that, there can be some private companies offering VPNs, government organizations allowing access to their members, universities/educational institutions also have VPNs. There can WIFI Hotspots available publically but they are also VPNs.

So, all above facts are in contradiction of the statement that All VPNs are similar to each other.

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