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StrongVPN Windows Setup Guide

StrongVPN Windows Setup Guide

You can download the StrongVPN Windows programming from the setup page of their site.

By choosing “Setup” from the webpage principle menu.

At that point tap on the “StrongVPN for Windows” catch.

This will raise a discourse window that will give you a chance to spare the Windows customer establishment record to your PC.

The customer requires Windows XP or above.

The customer setup page additionally has manual setup advisers for design Windows XP.

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 to utilize their administration with OpenVPN, IPSec, SSTP, L2TP, and PPTP.

StrongVPN Windows Desktop IconOnce the customer is downloaded to your PC.

Right-tap on the document and pick “Keep running as Administrator”.

The setup will initially have you pick your dialect and acknowledge the StrongVPN TOS.

You will then need to pick a goal area, begin menu envelope, and check to make a desktop symbol.

This will bring about an introduce window like the one beneath left.

Tapping the “Introduce” catch will begin the establishment which will wrap up by making a desktop symbol.

Like the one appeared on the right.

After this finishes, you will be provoked to introduce the TAP driver.

After the TAP driver is introduced.

You will see a screen like the one demonstrated as follows right.

Tap on the “Complete” catch to dispatch the StrongVPN customer out of the blue.

StrongVPN Windows Client Install

The first occasion when you open the customer.

You will see a check and login page like the one appeared on the left beneath.

There are choices to make a record or reset your secret word in the event that you have overlooked it.

It you have the data from your inviting email.

Enter in your “Email” and “Watchword” from it.


These have been entered and redacted from the picture on the directly beneath.

StrongVPN Windows Client Login

When you have entered your qualifications, check “Spare Login” with the goal that the customer will recall your login data and you won’t need to reappear it. Next, tap on the “Sign In” catch. This will raise the principle customer association screen as is demonstrated as follows cleared out. This screen demonstrates the accompanying:

  • Your present IP address which we have redacted.
  • VPN Status: Disconnected took after by a red StrongVPN logo
  • The StrongVPN Client Logo
  • Choices Menu
  • Change Location – This enables you to physically pick an individual server to interface with which we talk about later in this survey.
  • Progressed – The propelled alternatives accessible to the individuals who need more noteworthy control over their VPN associations which we will likewise talk about later.
  • Help – This will take you to the StrongVPN site bolster page.
  • Log Out – This will log you out of the customer and limit it to the plate. it won’t close the customer. In the event that you log out, you should re-enter you “email” and “secret key” when you associate with another area. This could be helpful in the event that you are utilizing a common PC.

Exit – This will finish off the StrongVPN Windows customer.

  • Your last associated area – For this situation Oslo, Norway.
  • You’re as of now picked area to associate with which was chosen to start from the drop list as we have demonstrated detonated on the privilege in the picture underneath.
  • The convention that will be utilized for the association
  • OpenVPN TCP – This is the OpenVPN Transport Control Protocol and incorporates blunder location and remedy for dropped parcels and bundle arrange. On account of this, it can be a little slower, yet it can likewise be more solid in provincial zones or over long separations.
  • OpenVPN UDP – This is the OpenVPN User Datagram Protocol and does exclude the overhead of TCP and subsequently is speedier and is the StrongVPN customer default.
  • OpenVPN Proxy – This is valuable to conceal your IP address and will give you a chance to pick which applications went through the VPN.
  • The “Interface ” catch which will associate you with your picked VPN server.

StongVPN Windows Client Unconnected

The last part of the screen is the “More Info” connect which will take you to the StrongVPN blog. Since we have analyzed the segments of the principal association screen, tap on the “Interface” catch to finish your association with the Los Angeles area. This will raise a screen like the one demonstrated as follows. Notice the accompanying changes between the associated screen and the separated one:

  • Your home IP address has been supplanted with a virtual one from The LA VPN server which has been redacted from the picture.
  • VPN Status: is presently “Associated” and the StrongVPN symbol is currently green.
  • The past association has been supplanted with your present one in Los Angeles.
  • The “Associate” catch has now been supplanted by the “Distinction” catch.
  • StrongVPN Windows Client Connected to LA

As should be obvious in the event that you acknowledge the defaults offered by the customer, at that point interfacing with the StrongVPN arrange takes only a couple of snaps of the mouse and requires no exceptional specialized information. As a matter of course, it will associate you to the quickest server in your picked city from your present area. Presently let us investigate how you change areas in the StrongVPN customer. Keeping in mind the end goal to change areas, you should first separate from the system. The picture beneath demonstrates the framework plate messages that show that you are first associated with the LA server and after that separated. Note the symbol changes from the associated shading (green) to the disengaged one (red).

StrongVPN System Tray Messages

For those of you who need more control over your VPN association, StrongVPN has a “Change Location” menu thing which will give you a chance to change your convention and additionally your area. When you tap on the “Change Location” menu thing you will see a screen like the one demonstrated as follows.

StrongVPN Server Switcher

This screen has two choices on it: “By nation” and “By server”. These two determinations are represented in the picture underneath. The primary demonstrates the choice by nation and the second by the server.

The main screenshot beneath shows how, by nation, the suggested alternative functions. To begin with, pick a nation from the dropdown list. Next, pick a convention sort. PPTP was picked in the case underneath. You should then tap on the “Test All Servers” catch and hold up. Know, it can take up to 20 minutes for this test to finish contingent upon the quantity VPN servers it checks for a specific nation. When this finishes the best server will be demonstrated simply under the “Test All Servers” catch. We have redacted the server names from this audit. You would then tap the “Following” catch to begin the server switch.


The second picture above demonstrates an example of the by server choice.

To begin with, you should choose a nation and a city from their separate dropdown records. Next, pick a convention sort. PPTP was picked in this case. You would then be able to test a specific server or the greater part of the servers by clicking either the “Test Selected Server” catch or the “Test All” catch. You would then be able to sort the outcomes by ping time (ms) and throughput (KB/s). Looking at the above case, you should need to pick the second server which has a somewhat higher ping time yet much preferable throughput over alternate servers. When you feature your server decision, tap on the “Following” catch to demonstrate the switch screen.

The switch screen which is demonstrated as follows left is the same paying little heed to which strategy you change VPN servers. Tap the “Switch” catch on this screen to start the server switch system and change to your picked server. This strategy is delineated in the picture underneath right. The server names have been redacted. The last picture says “Changing record ###### from server1 to server2 for instance model.

StrongVPN Windows Client Server Change

Once the recording server change process has finished, you will see a message disclosing to you that the server change was effective and afterward the principle customer association screen will be appeared as beneath. The server naturally picked utilizing the by nation choice is presently appeared as the server you will associate with when you tap on the “Interface” catch. As a matter, of course, the customer will associate utilizing the SSTP convention, however, you can transform it to PPTP or L2TP in the event that you need by utilizing the drop down rundown as is demonstrated as follows. When you have settled on the convention you need to utilize, at that point tap on the “Associate” catch to finish your association with the new server.

StrongVPN Server Switch Complete

Presently let us investigate the Advanced menu thing. Tapping on “Cutting edge” will open the Options menu which has five tabs as is demonstrated as follows. The five tabs are as per the following:

Data – This contains record, framework and session data for the present session.

Alternatives – This has the greater part of the associations’ choices for the customer.

Log – This is a log of the association procedural advances and can be valuable to help analyze association issues. A duplicate of it ought to be incorporated into tickets that you make for association issues to help the StrongVPN staff analyze and resolve your concern speedier.

Port List – This is a posting of the considerable number of ports that the customer can use the capacity to include your own. Approaching numerous ports permits the VPN administration to sidestep blocked or limited ports and still exchange the greater part of its movement.

Port53 – The default Domain Name Service (DNS) port.

Port123 – The Network Time Protocol (NTP) port which is utilized for time synchronization

Port268 – This the port allocated to Tobit David Replica.

Port443 – This is the default port for HTTPS, secure Internet.

Port500 – Port 500 is utilized by the Internet key trade (IKE) that happens amid the foundation of secure VPN burrows.

Port518 – This is the Ntalk or New Talk port which makes conceivable the transmission of a datagram message from one PC to an application running on another PC.

Port547 – This is the DHCP server port for IPv6 and it permits a datagram message (UDP) to be transmitted starting with one PC then onto the next.

Port812 – This is an unassigned port.

Port1029 – This port is assigned for dynamic designation by Windows.

Port1289 – This is the JavaServer port.

Port2672 – This is the server port which when utilized with UDP permits transmitting of datagram messages between PCs.

Port8181 – This is basically a port utilized by the TCP convention for bi-directional messages once an association has been built up between gadgets.

Port8292 – This is an enrolled port by Bloomberg Professional.

Port5522 – This is an unassigned port.

Port3306 – This is the port utilized by MySQL and utilizations TCP.

Licenses – This contains the StrongVPN End User License Agreement and different licenses utilized by the customer.


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