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5 Best types of encryption services offered by popular VPNs

What is Encryption?

Usage of the internet is common, but there are a lot of things running in the background to give you the desirable results on the screen. Encryption is a process which runs in the background to encode message where only safe and authorized people can read it. The message sent in a format which is only readable by a key which is accessible to designated authorities. A decryption key requires reading the information or message sent across the internet.

Importance of Encryption:

When you do not want anyone to read the messages, you use a secret language. Here the secret language is in the form of format which is possible to translate only through the decryption key on both ends. Here are some of the type of encryption along with VPNs which you would find favorable to use.


5 Type of Encryption Services

There are numerous type of encryptions but here are some of the most preferable and useful ones as follows:

  1. 256-bit encryption – ExpressVPN

256-bit encryption is a file which encrypts and decrypts the files to work according to the protocols. 256- Bit Encryption is a secured SSL where the networks optimized for unlimited speed and bandwidth. You will be able to stream smoothly through TV shows and movies. It also allows you to watch your favorite program in high definition. ExpressVPN runs in the background without any disturbance, so your experience is pleasant without any buffering.

expressVPN encryption

  1. 256-bit AES encryption – IPVanish VPN

256-bit AES encryption associates with IPVanish VPN which makes your devices user-friendly. You will be able to access the world’s fastest VPN through this encryption. There is no limit for the bandwidth with zero traffic logs accumulating.  Among all the best VPNs, IPvanish VPN has got one of the best type of encryption services for the clients. The AES encryption is the IPvanish standard encryption for the electronic data. IPvanish provides you services 24/7 to make sure you do not face any hassle with the encryption, and it provides you the ultimate experience.

  1. PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec – Private Internet Access

If you wish that your data stays secure and no one can eavesdrop it then PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IP Sec encryption is a great choice to make. Private Internet access provides these in just one package. No one will be able to steal your data and misuse it. If you are someone who accesses the public wifi networks, then know that you are sharing your information openly with the predators who are sitting there to attack your privacy. PPTP allows you secure connection with the internet making privacy the top concern. The data transmission is safe through the OpenVPN protocol. Even if you want to try the wifi hotspot, then with the help of Private Internet access, the encryption will be safe for your device.

PIA encryption

  1. Military-grade encryption – Overplay VPN

Military grade encryption is an open cipher which is approved by NSA. This is one of the first publicly accessible encryption used for the safe internet browsing. It protects a user’s information completely with keeping it as a “top secret.” When you read the word “military,” it already gives you an idea that it would be safe and secure. It’s known as one of the strong encryptions used by militaries, banks, governments and other top organizations where the data is sensitive. It consists of encodes which are made of bits to scramble more than ten rounds of encryption within. The key can be longer than 70 characters which are out of the master password.

Overplay provides you a simplified security with the help of military grade encryption with zero traffic logs and easy server switching.

  1. OpenVPN AES-256-SHA – Nord VPN

NordVPN provides you AES and 256 SHA encryption which is the hash algorithm. It’s a sign for the file associated with the encryption. Nord VPN generates the bits which provide source code for smooth streaming no matter where your location is.

This is customized with any software and with no bandwidth limit. Furthermore, it is well-thought-out as a P2P friendly encryption with double VPN to increase the anonymity without sharing the IP address details.

How to choose the best encryption?

After a thorough review of encryptions, the best option would be IPVanish VPN and ExpressVPN out of all the type of encryption. These are leading in the market as well. It provides safe and secure transfer of data along with ultimate speed which every user desires. If you ever feel like someone is keeping an eye on your movements, then it is time you head towards the secure encryption with choosing the top ones which are in selection by the majority. It is important that you stay concern for your digital security just as you do for yourself physically.

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