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Buffered VPN Review

Want to lead a care-free life? You will get to know how to do it by the end of this article.

Internet privacy and security is definitely one of the biggest of the people in this age.

Let us tell you that by installing the Buffered VPN service, you can throw all the worries out of the room .

surf and browse  the internet without any fear or second thoughts. It is the best and most reliable VPN service out there!

Let us introduce you to the remarkable features that it offers to the users.

Full-time security and privacy:

It is time to beat the hackers and your internet service providers by keeping your IP address a secret with the Buffered VPN. Now, you can surf and enjoy the internet with no fear of some third eye watching over your activities and stealing your personal information.

Your location does not matter:

Not being able to access a foreign website or content because it is blocked in your region?

Try out the Buffered VPN service!

It bypasses the censorship filters set up by the government and lets you browse through the foreign websites like a local person.

Say goodbye to hackers!

Wish to get rid of prying eyes that might be hungry for your log-in credentials and credit card details? Say no more to hacking, internet insecurity and privacy invasion with the Buffered VPN service! It allows you to enjoy unlimited and speedy internet connection with full privacy and security.

Access blocked content:

Websites like Facebook, YouTube and Gmail are now easily accessible and available across the globe, even if they are disabled or blocked by the government of any country. Thus, forget restrictions and get ready to surf!

Choose your VPN plan:

The Buffered VPN offers a monthly, yearly and bi-annual service plan. The fee of the monthly plan is $12.99 per month, that of the yearly plan is $8.25 per month where you can save up to 36%, and for the bi-annual plan is $9.99 per month where you can save up to 23%. Whichever plan you decide to choose, the features and the quality of the services provided will be the same with no discrimination.

Money back guarantee:

There is no chance of you not being satisfied with the service of Buffered VPN and there is no doubt in it. They are so confident about it that they have a policy of money back guarantee within 30 days if you, by any chance, do not like their services and change your mind. Fair enough, no?

Multiple device connections:

In today’s world of technology, no one settles for a computer only. Everyone has mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. With the Buffered VPN, you can connect all of your devices simultaneously. The best part? The connection would not slow down even a bit!

Super-fast bandwidth:

Is a VPN service with low speeds even useful? Absolutely not! The Buffered VPN offers great speed at all times without any limit and constraints. Have a rocketing experience and thank us later!

No logs:

The Buffered VPN has a policy under which it never keeps track of the users’ data, activities and information. It is not just superficial but believe us when we say that they actually follow it strictly!

Secure encryption standard:

There are two strong encryption standards of the Buffered VPN: 128 and 256 bit. With this feature, it is made sure that your connection is 100% secure, safe and protected.

Availability on different operating systems:

The Buffered VPN service is available on a number of major devices and operating systems including Android, Windows, IOS, and Linux. Thus, it is not limited to one or two devices! Isn’t that wonderful to hear?

 Multiple servers:

The Buffered VPN has about 30+ servers located in different countries of the world. All of these servers provide the best package of features which are consistent and unforgettable! So, get ready to take advantage of its service, not worrying about your location on the globe. And in case you move to another country, you can switch your server anytime!

24/7 customer support:

Have any suggestions and want to be heard? Tell them as they are available 24/7/365 for your convenience and help! Come in with your problems or issues at hand and you won’t be returned empty handed. The professional and expert staff members are waiting to guide you!


A VPN service is a necessary tool to ensure that your personal information, details of your data and activities on the internet is not being observed or stolen. However, choosing a powerful and trustworthy VPN service is not an easy job. Thus, we are here to help you find a strong and efficient VPN so that all your worries and fears can disappear. So, hurry up! What are you waiting for? If you are planning on to get one activated right now, you know which way to head!

8.3 Total Score

Overall, Buffered VPN is a fast growing VPN service that shows a lot of potential. However, there are some areas that it should look into and consider improving upon. The implementation of a live chat feature, more payment options, and expanding its server spread could take the VPN provider to new heights. But what Buffered lacks in terms of features, it makes it up in terms of service. The performance is really great and delivers fast speeds. The additional features such as 5 multi logins and NAT firewall also sets it apart from other VPN providers. So if you are looking for light, fast performing VPN service that places high priority over your privacy, then you should definitely give Buffered VPN a try.

  • 30 Day Money back guarantee
  • Multiple device connections
  • Super-fast bandwidth
  • No logs
  • Availability on different operating systems
  • Quite a new provider but certainly making a name for themselves
User Rating: 5.92 (119 votes)

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