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Do Not Fall into the Trap of Fake VPN Providers!

In the modern era where internet has become so advanced, the online security and privacy issues have also raised simultaneously by a great margin. So, Virtual Private Network is undoubtedly the need of the hour! It saves you from online mishaps, protects your identity and ensures your privacy. Although, it was already a tough decision as to which VPN is the best and the most reliable, and now things have gotten serious with the entry of fake VPN providers in the market. Since the trend of VPN has increased, the scammers have got another way of snooping around to invade your privacy. The people who are not much aware of the VPN services and who do not spend their ‘valuable’ time in researching and finding about this topic, easily fall prey to the hungry-for-information scammers.

The answer to this problem is definitely not quitting the use of VPN but instead, you need to be aware of the ways of identifying a fake VPN.

Some Key points to identify fake VPN providers

Here are some key points that you should keep in mind as these will help you in not getting fooled by any fake VPN providers.

  • Unclear reputation of the VPN:

If a VPN’s proven time in business is not known, do not take any risk by opting for it. If the reviews are not present or are fake; if there are a lot of fake positive reviews and the negative ones get deleted, it is a warning sign. A VPN service that has an unclear reputation is likely to be a fraud.

  • It is free of cost:

There are massive chances of a VPN service being fake if it is absolutely free of cost. It takes a lot of investment to maintain the high fi quality of services and become better than the competitors and therefore, it cannot be totally free! Although, some VPN providers may offer their services at a really low cost and even offer a free trial period but it is different.


  • Exaggerated claims:

It is true that more often than not, the service providers make superlative claims for the purpose of marketing. It is not uncommon that a VPN service claims to have the best connections and a rocketing speed. However, behind these claims, they have some technical comparisons and professional evaluations to cover. Thus, a VPN service that only knows how to make exaggerated claims without any proof is not worthy of your trust and loyalty.

  • Poor customer care service:

Customer care service is one thing that you can check to test the authenticity of a VPN service. You can check for the amount of time they take to respond to your queries online or the quality of response that they deliver. Also, you can call their customer service by phone and see if the attendant is professional and courteous. In addition to this, you can also investigate whether they are active on social media or not, for how long they have been present there, how many followers they have and how much they are involved with them. This will certainly help you in differentiating between a fake and a real VPN service.

customer service

  • It is on VPN warning lists:

You might think of thanking your fellow users and other experts for the warning lists that they make to warn people about the fraud and poor-quality products. If a VPN service is on any such list, stay away from it! You would not want to try something that others had a bad experience of using, now would you?

What is at stake?

  • Your money:

It is obvious that if you end up falling for and subscribing to a fake VPN service, you will lose your money. You might not even get a VPN because the scammers will run away and disappear after taking the cash from you.

  • Your sensitive information:

A fraud VPN service can make you vulnerable to losing your personal and crucial information. The scammers might send you a link through your email so that when you click on it, they will get access to your password and even your credit card information might be stolen.


How to stay safe?

The scammers are masterminds; no matter how much efforts you put in to stay safe and clear, they come up with novel ways to scam and hoax you. So, it is important to choose a VPN service wisely by looking for the ones which have been providing services since a few years and to which other users affirm. You are more likely to get scammed if you are not much technology friendly. So, if you ever get an email asking you to try a new product and shows its affiliation with one that you already use, you might want to cross check a few things.

  • Look for an official announcement:

If a service launches a new product, it sure will officially announce it on their website or on the social media. No authentic company will privately email you to tell about their new product. So, if you do not find any official announcement, the product is likely to be fake.


  • Try googling:

Yeas, you can try googling to check if any such new product is introduced in the market. When a large, reputable company launches a product, it is likely to be all over the news. If not anything, you will at least come across some reviews of the new product on google, if it is not fake.

  • Check the source of email:

Make sure you check the email address that has sent you the email before clicking on any links or attachments because it might be a fraud and you would end up regretting it later.

  • How new is it?

Do not forget to check for how long the service has been around because if it has come into existence the very same day or a couple of days back, it is likely to be fake.

  • Contact customer service:

Before even thinking of subscribing to a new, unknown service, contact their customer support service and find out what the product really is and what you will be paying for. Do not shy, it is your right to do so!

Wrapping it up

It is important to absorb the fact that not all the VPN services are fake. Therefore, not using a VPN at all is not a wise decision, unless you do not care about your security and privacy when you are online. Be wise and act smart while searching for the right VPN service for you because it will be worth it!

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