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ISPs Selling Your Data- The High Time To Get A VPN Than Ever Before!

ISPs Selling Your Data? If internet privacy means keeping your personal data safe to you. Then allow me to remove this word from your dictionary because the concept of internet privacy has been slaughtered by the government of the USA. According to a recent rollback of Consumer Privacy Policy back in March, the ISPs selling your data will not be unlawful. This repeal in the Obama’s administration bill of Consumer Privacy Policy was made by the Trump regime. This has sanctioned the ISPs to sell your internet data to line their pockets.

Why Are the ISPs Selling Your Data?

According to the original Consumer Privacy policy to roll out by the former US administration, the ISPs would seek the consent of the consumers before selling their data. But now this repeal has even taken this need of consent of the customer whose data is being sold without his consent at all. The ISPs generally sell the user’s data of browsing history to the third-parties for injecting targeted ads.


In government’s view, it is okay to permit the ISPs selling your data in a bid to strengthen the ISPs business. However, this tracking practice has already been done by the edge providers like Facebook and Google. This company also retain your browsing history to inject the relevant ads. Be it any party, selling anyone’s data without their permission is something beyond any justification.

Are they Selling All Your Data?

Bear this fact for a moment with me, after the deregulation in Consumer’s Privacy Policy; the ISP can now get their hands on any of your data and sell them without even informing you. The browsing history is a frequent target because this helps the advertisers to seek your likes and dislikes and inject the ads accordingly. In this game, the ISPs are the one to line their pocket without concerning about their user’s privacy.

How Can You Prevent ISPs Selling Your Data?

As long as we are here, you do not need to worry at all. Here are we to help you so that you can stop the ISPs selling your data.

Using A VPN:

The best way to circumvent ISPs selling your data is to opt for a good VPN service. VPN which stands for Virtual Private Network is the most effective cyber security software that provides you a secure connection.

When the risks have become so much grave that even you can not trust your service provider, it is the high time to stand up for your internet privacy. To take your internet privacy in your hand, the VPN is the best way to protect yourself from the ISPs selling your data.

2 Best Easy to use VPNs

Not only, a VPN shields your internet connection but also lets you bypass the Geo-blocking. This enables you to unblock any banned website in your region. Also, it gives you the complete internet anonymity with nominal speed throttling. In fact, there are some good VPNs in the market that are best for fast internet connection.

The reason why it guarantees you the security and privacy is its robust military grade encryption. This encryption is not at all easy to intercept not even by your ISP.

Free VPNs- A Big No!

Although there are free VPNs in the market, those VPNs are not something to trust with your privacy. Remember that nothing comes free and it something is free that means there you and your privacy is the product and somebody else is the consumer. So, never go for free VPNs that claim to stop the ISPs selling your data. It is because they may prevent the ISPs from doing so but also do it themselves so as to line their own pockets. Hence, you should only trust the reliable VPN providers out there.

Other Ways To Cease the ISPs Selling Your Data:

Furthermore, several other ways like TOR browser and HTTP Everywhere can also prevent yourself from ISPs selling your internet data. But if we talk about TOR, then it is not suitable for downloading and video streaming as it makes the internet deadly slow. On the other hand, HTTP Everywhere is the browser extension available for both Chrome and Firefox. This extension does not allow to retain the logs of your browsing history. But unfortunately, it is not as powerful the ISP’s tool through which they get to your data.


Predictably, that time is not far when other countries will also follow the footprints of the US. In fact, the UK government is also considering to authorize the ISPs to sell the browsing history of their consumers. So, this problem will not be in the USA only but also it will affect the citizens of other countries soon. Safe to say, this demands a VPN to take action and protect your internet data privacy and security.

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