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List of top 5 apps that put your privacy at risk- tips to get secure

Phones and tablets are one of the most common gadgets which are in use nowadays where all your personal information is stored and can be accessible by anyone if you do not think of your own privacy. Privacy is when you have your necessary information saved and secure so that no one is able to misuse it as the world of internet is vague and you never know who would turn out to be a threat for you and put your privacy at risk. All of us have smartphones but have you ever thought that the mobile applications which you download are collecting and storing all your information? Well, if you have a VPN (Virtual private network), it can connect you to the private network where the unknowns are not able to access your personal information.

Know about privacy at risk

privacy is not a big concern for people nowadays as they take it casual but for your information, there are some applications which will put your privacy at risk every time. Look at your phone now to see if you have these following applications in your phone and take action instantly. There are a lot of applications which can expose your information but here are top few which you would surely want to get rid of without compromising on your privacy.

Top 5 privacy at risk applications

  1. QuickPic

This is one of the risky application which you can have in your phone. It collects most of the data in your phone such as your email, name, address, phone number, credit card information and anything which you have opened in your phone. It is like an open book for the application to collect your data and store it. There is no proper way through which you would be able to find out if it is saving or transmitting the data since it is so hidden.


  1. My Location: Maps, Directions & GPS Navigation

The location feature which you have in your phone may be cool where you are able to tag yourself on social media networks to inform your buddies about where you are but you are surely compromising with your privacy due to this feature. The mapping application requires you to open the location in order to find you the place. It takes away all your information with the IP address and use it to share for the selling purposes. Prefer not to use it in order to avoid the privacy risk.

My location

  1. UC Browser App

Advertisements are one of the vital part of internet since all the firms are targeting on e-marketing. The ads which you are able to see on your profiles on social media networks takes away your information and use it for multiple purposes where is sold or traded. Have you ever wondered that when you like a page or a product on the website, how come it gives you all the accurate suggestions? That is through collecting your data and your preference with just one click. You think it is safe? Well, not really! The best way to get rid of it is through changing the settings in your phone by going to settings – privacy – advertising and then resetting. It will clear all the preference and show you as a new person every time you do the same action.

UC browser

  1. All Social Media Apps For Direct Sign on Option

Single sign on is one of the trends to make the signing in easier for the users. All the social media networks use these where it is easier to open the application and share your stories within the blink of eye. These sites are too vulnerable where you are surely giving an open invitation to the attacker to all your accounts and make use of it anyway he/she likes. Prefer to type your email address and password every time instead of signing on directly.

  1. Address Book App

You find if convenient to have address book in your phone along with calendars? Even if you do not use internet for it, the application keeps on sending the data for the backup to save. All your contacts are accessible by these two applications where they sale them to the advertisers and you will receive unknown messages of marketing out of nowhere creating a high privacy risk. That is where you are completely compromising on your privacy to access your contact list for free.

It is impossible to avoid the applications as smartphones have become a part of our daily routine life . But You can surely take precautions and avoid silly mistakes which put your privacy at risk. These applications help you to save your data but you can do the same in your diary too so why not take the safe road?  Implement over the actions and it will be only beneficial for you and your personal information not to come in access of unknown networks.

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