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Be Safe with The Ideal VPN Service – NordVPN

Who does not want his identity to be protected on the internet? The security and protection while browsing the internet are the first and foremost priority of every user. It is not possible to attain a reliable internet privacy without using a potent VPN service. You need to bear this in mind or else you would be doomed! There is no better option than NordVPN in this regard. Believe us on this! And even if you do not now, you will surely do after swiping down.

What does NordVPN have to offer?

Being the most advanced and powerful VPN service, it has a lot of features and services to offer besides maintaining your internet security and privacy. But should we believe everything that is said and claimed? Of course not! Try the NordVPN for yourselves and decide just like we have done. The following features are tried, tested and explored!

Riskless surfing:

You do not need to worry anymore as the NordVPN service is exceptionally safe and secure. You can even use public hotspots and forget the mainstream concern of privacy and security. Would you believe it if we say that it is actually safer than when you use the internet at home? Well, we have found the truth in it!

Absolutely no restrictions!

What is worse than having your favorite websites

blocked or limited? Nothing! The filtered internet is like you are at a table full of mouth-watering and delicious food items but you are not allowed to have any of them just because you are forced to be on a strict diet. NordVPN is found to provide full access to every website and content, even if it is blocked in your country.


There is no fabrication or falsification in its claim to protect your data and internet activities at every single step. It uses a phenomenal 2048-bit SSL encryption that cannot be cracked even with the help of a supercomputer. Now, that is something ingenious!

Data encryption TWICE!

The double VPN technology of NordVPN allows the data to be encrypted twice and not just once. So, you can stop getting worried about your privacy and start focusing and enjoying the internet experience instead as it is the tightest security that can be offered.

Supersonic speed:

Have you seen how fast Sonic the hedgehog runs in the supersonic games? Well, the speed of internet browsing and video streaming is similar to that of the Sonic when we use the NordVPN connection. In short, the speed is incredible and worth trying!

A vast network of servers:

Would not you want to join a network that is spread over 57 different countries with 859 worldwide server locations? The servers are available in every continent except Antarctica. It would have been available there too only if Penguins knew how to use the internet! So, go ahead and check for yourselves. You won’t be a tad bit disappointed!

Extremely easy to use:

The best part is that you do not have to worry about how to use it. NordVPN is as easy as ABC! You just need to click and then you are good to go. We, being the first-time users of any VPN service were also nervous but NordVPN is truly a simple yet comprehensive service provider.

Say no to logs:

NordVPN follows a strict no logs policy under which it never keeps any record or account of your activities on the internet at any circumstance. This is what made us so reliant and trust this VPN service. Thus, you should not miss this opportunity at any cost because it is for your own good!

Kill switch technology:

Ever happened that while you are in the middle of some private or personal activity on the internet and the connection drops out? We have faced it too and it sucks! It would suck even more if you are not connected to a reliable VPN service because your data might be left unprotected then. Thus, we tried NordVPN and loved the automatic kill switch technology which shuts down the website or software you were using so that the sensitive data is not exposed.

No leaking of DNS queries:

It is a common concern that DNS servers often leak unencrypted data and queries outside the VPN tunnels. But with NordVPN, we have seen and experienced that all the DNS queries are kept private and secure because it is a DNS leak resolver! This is what makes it better and different than other VPN services.

Supports multiple devices:

One of the best features that we have experienced in NordVPN is that up to 6 devices are supported simultaneously. If you have multiple smartphones, tablets, and routers, then that is wonderful because it supports all!

Says yes to P2P!

Hate when the loading mark keeps on moving? Try NordVPN! It does not block or restrict the P2P traffic, unlike other VPN service providers. With it, we have tried downloading and uploading lots of content at the same time and the amazing thing was that the speed did not lower even a bit!

Bitcoin accepted:

NordVPN also offers an additional feature. If you want to get paid anonymously in bitcoins, then using this service is the answer. It is the only safe service that accepts the crypto currency and hides your identity while you get paid.

VPN mobile apps:

Want to get and use some interesting and easy apps on your mobile like we do? Connect to NordVPN and get access to different fun and user-friendly apps on your IOS and Android!

Extra security:

In case you still have any uncertainty or doubts about your internet privacy and security, they will be gone when we tell you that while using NordVPN, we could connect its services with that of Onion Router so as to increase and strengthen the anonymizing power.

The technology of Smart play:

Let us tell you that there is a default setting in the NordVPN apps that enable the smart play technology. We are sure you would love to get easy access to your favorite streaming websites just like we did. Thank us later!

Exceptional streaming services:

We are sure that no one wants to see their favorite website or some content that they want to access, blocked in their region. If it is the case, then NordVPN is here to your rescue! It can make you appear in some other location just so you can use and view your desired content. Isn’t it too cool to be true? Well, that’s how the NordVPN service rolls!

Need help? You are welcome!

Have a query or need any answers? The NordVPN service providers are the most friendly and helpful people we have found. They are available 24/7/365 at your service!


The price of the NordVPN service depends on the plan that you decide to choose. Whichever plan you choose, there is a complete 100% money back guarantee within the first 30 days of using your service. So there is nothing to lose and definitely a lot to gain!


Internet privacy and security is indeed a very serious business and it should not be considered any less. Moreover, it all depends on you! How? You are free to choose the VPN service of your choice. Thus, choosing the best and most trustworthy service is the key. We are sure you would not want to regret your decision later, so here is our piece of advice based on our personal experience. Just go for the NordVPN service and you would not be disappointed!

9.1 Total Score

By the conclusion of this Nord VPN review, we are overwhelmed with the effectiveness and efficiency of Nord VPN’s services. Nord VPN is a highly recommended VPN service provider with a set of features that allow Nord VPN to qualify as an industry standard VPN. Admittedly, the server and country count may not be as high as that which you will find with other major VPN service providers, Nord VPN still makes for a pretty tempting package thanks to ease of use

  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • Zero Logs
  • Connect up to 6 devices on one account
  • Supports multiple devices
  • 24-7 Customer Support
  • 2 Year plan is so cheap
  • Not many servers, but it will grow
User Rating: 12.95 (389 votes)

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