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Overplay: One of the fastest vpn in the world

Overplay: one of the fastest VPN in the world

Overplay is one of the more creative VPN suppliers in the market today.

Overplay-vpn gives two distinct administrations to serve two diverse purposes, they are:


SmartDNS from OverPlay gives boundless access to a genuine, unlimited Internet.

Bypass oversight while encountering only quick association speeds without throttling or buffering.

SmartDNS takes a shot at PC, Laptop, Mobile Phone, Tablet, Games Console and even Smart TV.

SmartDNS does not require any VPN application and must be utilized by rolling out a couple of simple improvements in the web settings of your computer, on the other hand.

if you need to utilize SmartDNS on your iPhone, you still need the APP for it.

One pivotal favorable position SmartDNS has over VPN is rapid.

SmartDNS permits unblocking of limited sites with no misfortune in speed.

Be that as it may, SmartDNS isn’t intended to give security and namelessness to the client.

Basic information

Based in United Kingdom
No. of countries 40
No. of servers 400
No. of IPs 10,000
Price $9.95/month

Overplay VPN

Incorporate SmartDNS.

It enables access to all the limited sites with finish encryption of information for secure and unknown perusing. Besides.

Overplay VPN underpins Skype and MSN also.

Overplay VPN is great at high speed, maybe it due to the SmartDNSs, but they’ve done.

We can gushing recordings effectively by Overplay.And the cost of Overplay is reasonable.

they regularly send some rebate data, so you will take it more shabby.

At last, we profoundly prescribe Overplay VPN.


Overplay VPN incorporate Overplay which can make your speed all the more rapidly and stability,and they don’t restrict your speed,so you can encounter a fast Internet association without throttling by your ISP;Free programming download; JetSwitch is a propelled innovation, it enables you to get content from various districts at the same time.The client bolster is exceptionally helpful, you can take care of all your concern with it.


Just 2 Simultaneous Connection and Only 5 days cash back guarantee.No DNS Leak security.

Speed and Stability

I would prefer not to speak more about the speed of Overplay, as you know, Overplay VPN contain Overplay SmartDNS, What does the SmartDNS for? Deplorable, it is only to improve your visit speed, so contrast with the other VPN, Overplay VPN has more preferred standpoint for the speed.

Overplay is doing great as far as industry standards, because, in our test for “Adjusted” encryption levels, the speed is over the normal of best level VPN suppliers, particularly when we interface the servers in US or UK, the speed level is extremely high, maybe it’s because of server rerouting.

When we utilize the Overplay VPN, we can be gushing Netflix, BBC, Youtube, Hulu extremely easily, so I believe the innovation of SmartDNS of Overplay.By the way, Overplay SmartDNS is granted the best 5 SmartDNS.


Torrents and P2P Allow Yes Customer Support Support Ticket
24/7 customer support
Unlimited bandwidth YES Instant accout actistion YES
Unlimited Switch server YES Money back guarantee 5 Days Money Back Guarantee
Free trial No
Payment methods Visa, Mastercard , Discover and Paypal JetSwitch 2 Simultaneous Connections



This will enable you to get content from various locales in the meantime. For instance, you can watch US Netflix while likewise having the capacity to get to your UK Amazon Prime Video account. You can likewise kill the OverPlay SmartDNS for an individual channel by choosing “SmartDNS Off” without changing your switches set.

Where is it?Only require two steps, You just log in the, make a beeline for the SmartDNS segment of ‘My Account’, then you will see it.


Overplay: One of the fastest vpn in the world

                  Overplay: One of the fastest vpn in the world

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