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OverPlay VPN Service Review

In need of a filter between your computer/ tablets/ mobile phones and the internet? We are here to guide you into selecting a first-rate VPN service! Since internet privacy and security is a real thing to feel apprehensive about, it is important that you utilize the services of a top-quality VPN like the Overplay VPN. It not only protects your privacy but also offers a wide range of exquisite features that you will be bound to love!

Let us take an overview of what the Overplay VPN has to offer to its customers along with the minor hitches that they might find.

Wait, do not go anywhere yet! There is a lot more to come. The exclusive features and characteristics of the Overplay VPN are worth experiencing. Want to find out about them in detail? Well, here you go!

No ISP throttling:

One major concern that users usually face is that their internet service providers are likely to block or restrict the band after a certain limit has been reached. But with the Overplay VPN, it is time to totally forget about that! You can enjoy unlimited internet with no restrictions.

Identity protection:

Don’t want your identity to be disclosed to the hackers and agents on the internet? Try Overplay VPN and browse the internet anonymously! It masks your IP address and hides it from prying eyes so that you can surf without any fear of being watched.

No limits of bandwidth and server switching:

Brace yourselves for a wonderful experience with no limitation regarding bandwidth! Moreover, you can easily switch between the different servers whenever you want. Nothing can stop you from connecting to a server of your choice based on your location and preference when it comes to Overplay VPN!

Blasting speed:

It is not uncommon that the internet speed drops when you connect to a VPN service but Overplay VPN is nothing like that! Amazed already? It is made sure that the connection speed provided to the users is consistent and unlimited. So, everything – browsing and surfing, streaming, downloading and uploading is made a whole lot easier, faster, and convenient for you!

Getting started just got effortless!

The interface is extremely simple and uncomplicated to understand and carry out. No settings are required before accessing or starting to use the server of your choice. You just have to click ‘connect’ and voila! In addition to this, the installation is pretty quick too. It takes two minutes only and you are ready to start off for an experience that you undoubtedly deserve!

Various server locations:

In the Overplay VPN service, around 650+ servers are working for your ease and benefit across the world. So, you can now connect with any location that you want! It can be particularly beneficial and advantageous for you if you are traveling as they cover many continents. That is one good reason to prefer this VPN service over others!

Multiple devices support:

Since, the customers’ satisfaction and compatibility is the priority, Overplay VPN has been designed to support various devices simultaneously. Not only desktop systems like Windows, Mac OSX and Linux and mobile systems like Android and IOS, but it has the capability to work directly on the routers that support Tomato software or DD-WRT. That is not all! It also works on game consoles, TV boxes and other similar devices.

Tight security and protocol system:

All the servers of Overplay VPN are encrypted with 128-bit CBC – Blowfish. This encryption supports the protocol packages like Open VPN, PPTP, and L2TP. These packages differ from each other on the basis of the level of encryption and thus, security. L2TP provides high security but is slower than PPTP which is faster but less secure. However, the Open VPN does not compromise on the performance while offering strong encryption. You can choose any because you are the master of your own fate!


The offers include two packages: Smart DNS and, Smart DNS + VPN. Smart DNS is superfast and offers access to websites all over the world. Although it is very easy to install with making one change in the network settings, but additional encryption is not its feature, leaving your connection open and thus, making it unsafe and identifiable. However, on the other hand, the smart DNS + VPN package provides the same features but with the addition of powerful encryption. Its installation may take a few minutes though.

Features Smart DNS Smart DNS +VPN
Access to censored contents
No logs policy
Unlimited switching between servers
Unlimited switching between locations
Money back guarantee
Compatibility with mobile phones
Unlimited bandwidth
P2P traffic support
Multiple server locations
Interesting, user-friendly apps
Protocol packages
Simultaneous VPN connections


Overplay VPN offers only two pricing packages i.e. monthly and yearly for both smart DNS and smart DNS + VPN. For the prior one, the fee for the monthly package is $4.95 per month and for the yearly package, it is $49.95 per month. However, for the latter, it is $9.95 per month in case of the monthly package and $99.95 per month for the yearly package. Pretty affordable, isn’t it?

Online help and customer support:

The website has a rich knowledge database, consisting of detailed information about the devices supported, installation and setup, billing, FAQs and much more. You are likely to get your problem solved or question answered here but in case you do not, then you can contact them through Facebook or email. Moreover, they also have a blog where you can find plenty of useful information!


Stop using the internet with fear and uncertainty clouding your mind. Install Overplay VPN and rock the internet with confidence! Get all the remarkable features at an affordable price and with minimum hindrance in your internet connections and activities.


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