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Private Internet Access Features and Benefits

Private Internet Access Features and Benefits

What is Private Internet Access (PIA)?

PIA VPN is one of the goliaths of the virtual private system industry. They are a standout amongst the most well-known choices accessible and are a put stock in organizing for a portion of the greatest brands and sites on the planet.

Including Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Yahoo, PC World, and even AT&T. Be that as it may, what is it about PIA VPN that makes them so exceptional?

Features and Benefits

At first look.

It nearly appears as though PIA VPN offers excessively numerous highlights and that it would be outlandish for them to exceed expectations with every one of them. Longtime clients and commentators that have performed tests on their administrations have decided, notwithstanding, that everything that says they offer is given at the best level. There is unmistakably a reason that these folks are thought to be the big enchiladas of the business.

Here is a further take a gander at a portion of the highlights and advantages that you will get with PIA VPN:

Utilize Multiple Devices Simultaneously

One of the cooler highlights of PIA VPN.

Is that you can utilize their administrations on numerous gadgets in the meantime.

While this most likely isn’t a major ordeal on the off chance that you are the special case that anticipates utilizing your arrangement.

It can be extraordinary for a family or gathering of flatmates that need to guarantee security over different gadgets however not need to stress over obtaining separate intends to do as such.

VPN Kill Switch

Another cool element that PIA VPN offers is their VPN off button. This works by really stopping your web association if your virtual private system ends up noticeably separated. This can be enormous for a few clients since it disposes of the likelihood that you will ever be associated with the web without experiencing a virtual private system to ensure your protection.

Measure of Available Servers

For most virtual private systems.

It is totally difficult to rival PIA VPN with regards to the measure of servers that they have accessible.

With servers in around 25 unique areas and more than 600 portals.

These folks top the business with regards to access servers.

Perfect With Several Different Devices

PIA VPN is perfect with the greater part of the typical gadgets.

Including Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android.

Tragically they don’t have any data about Smart TVs or computer game consoles right now.

On the off chance that there is one virtual private system that could make those gadgets perfect.

Be that as it may, it is PIA VPN.

Diverse Encryption Levels

While most virtual private systems will have preset encryption levels that can’t be changed.

PIA VPN really enables you to pick the encryption level that best suits your necessities.

You can pick anything with no encryption.

Which shrouds your IP address and offers the speediest velocities.

To encryption that furnishes you with bank-level security.

The measure of adjustable alternatives that they offer is genuinely surprising.

Particularly when you are discussing an organization whose primary employment is to guarantee security and protection. They even have controls on their site to enable you to decide the upsides and downsides of picking every encryption level.


It is clearly required that any virtual private system that can be prescribed to clients has overwhelming safety efforts set up to guarantee the protection of clients. PIA VPN positively finishes the security test as they make a few layers of security and protection for clients that entrance the web through their system. They have different portals all around the globe and give VPN burrow access more than 21 nations.

To the extent encryption.

PIA VPN really isolates themselves from the pack by enabling clients to pick what encryption they need to utilize. While they do have preset encryption levels set up.

you can change those settings relying upon what blend of speed and security you are searching for.

Client Support

The one place that PIA VPN trumps pretty much some other virtual private system out there is with their client bolster. While you could state it is on the grounds that they have such an extensive pool of clients.

These folks are the main system out there that offers live visit.

Telephone call support, and ticket bolster. That, as well as live talk reaction times normal out routinely normal out at under a moment and ticket reaction times normal a little more than 30 minutes.

Another awesome thing about their client bolster is the many articles and guide that they give to clients.

They have well more than 100 help articles and even have an ‘Inquiries Before You Buy’ segment that can enable you to settle on a more informed choice before you proceed with picking PIA VPN.


Essentially, PIA VPN gives distributed storage supplier like client benefit in an industry where bolster is incessantly missing crosswise over a wide range of system suppliers. This can be particularly helpful on the off chance that you are new to how virtual private systems function and might want some specialized help for making a consistent progress to utilizing these administrations.


One of the principal cons that you will see with PIA VPN when you enter onto their site is that they utilize to some degree a business strategy by making you quickly mindful of the way that you are not right now secure. To be completely forthright.

However, they’re truly simply expressing actualities.

so I can’t blame them for this.

To do this, they utilize your IP deliver to reveal to you where you are.

What program and working framework you are utilizing, and even utilize Google Maps to demonstrate where you are. The manipulative part of this is the recognition is there that they are attempting to essentially startle you into purchasing their administrations.

Another little hindrance of PIA VPN is that they are such a substantial organization with such huge numbers of clients that speed can be an issue now and again.

Things like gushing and downloads may have a perceptible speed contrast when utilizing their virtual private system.


What is Private Internet Access (PIA)?

The estimating that PIA VPN offers is genuinely straightforward. They give you the capacity to pick between a month-to-month arrange for that begins at $6.95/month.

A half year arranges for that comes in at $35.95 for a half year and a yearly arrangement that will set you back just $39.95/year. Clearly.

The yearly arrangement is their best an incentive as you spare half finished what you would pay yearly with a month-to-month membership.

Generally speaking,

This evaluating is an incredible esteem and is one at present one of the most minimal in the business with regards to the yearly choice.

The Final Word

PIA VPN is extraordinary compared to other regarded and puts stock in virtual private systems in the business.

They have a huge number of clients that confide in their administrations and even have to back from significant brands and organizations like AT&T.

Yahoo, and Forbes.

The way that their costs are among the most reduced that you will discover implies that they are likewise one of the better esteems accessible.

In the event that you are investigating the likelihood of using a virtual private system and have positively no related knowledge with utilizing one.

They are to a great degree solid and their client bolster gives them the capacity to help clients of all extraordinary experience levels.

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