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Private Internet Access VPN Service Review

Your digital security is not only about antivirus and ransomware but in today’s world, different government agencies, hackers and advertisers are impatiently waiting for a chance to intrude into and obtain your personal information. For this purpose, there are many VPN services which promise to deal with your internet security. To help you find the best one, we are here to provide a review of Private Internet Access VPN which is becoming one popular and efficient VPN service based on its remarkable features.

Now, you might be thinking why should I choose private internet access VPN, right? Well here is your answer.

Keeps your identity hidden:

PIA VPN is highly recommended because it is tested by us and it proved to keep our IP addresses hidden and provide security over public Wi-Fi connections. It has the best VPN service with anonymous VPN tunnels.

Provides unrestricted internet access:

Fed up of censorship filters put on by the government in your region? Try what we did! Use the service of PIA VPN and gain unlimited access to apparently blocked websites or contents.

Let you connect in seconds:

One of the best feature of this VPN service is their one-click installers. It enabled us to connect immediately to their service with their instant VPN setup and we were good to go. So, what are you waiting for? You are just one step; buying your VPN account, away from getting started!


Offers encrypted Wi-Fi:

The PIA VPN promises to use end to end encryption in their connections instead of involving third parties. We tested their claim and found it to be anything but true. Hence, stop searching for a VPN service when it is right here! Your data will be protected like never before. Trust us with this.

Supports P2P:

The claim of PIA VPN service that it does not restrict or block the P2P traffic is actually true! We have experienced unlimited downloading and uploading of contents with this service. Who would not want to enjoy this feature?

Does not keep track of your doings:

Who wants someone to keep an eye on his internet activities all the time? Of course, no one. It was one serious matter of concern for us too but we are no more worried since we started using the services of PIA VPN. It keeps no logs of your traffic and activities because they care about your needs and comfort.

No limits when it comes to bandwidth:

Want to experience unlimited, rocketing internet speed like us? Choose PIA VPN! This service provides an incredible speed consistently at all times. We are glad that we chose this service over others!

First time users? No big deal

The steps and instructions to start using this service are so easy and simple that we are thankful to the service providers. Just one click and we were good to go. Therefore, if you are hesitant because of inexperience, forget your worries and brace yourselves for a wonderful experience!

Allows you to connect on multiple devices:

Another user-focused feature offered by the PIA VPN service is that it supports multiple devices at one point in time. We have enjoyed unlimited and unrestricted internet on various devices simultaneously, and now it is your turn!

It’s available on almost every major platform and with just one click, you can set it up.

Instant setup:

We did not have to waste our time and energy in setting up the PIA VPN service. It is extremely simple and you can instantly connect to their service by just clicking once, and it will be installed in no time. Thus, save your efforts and time; activate and start using PIA VPN!

Widespread servers and still growing!

This VPN service is so popular and widespread that it has 3251+ servers in 25 different countries in different parts of the world. This is not it because it is still growing and spreading its magic across the globe!

Different security packages:

We were allowed to choose a package of our own choice and per our preferred level of security, speed and performance. The protocol packages that are offered include Open VPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPsec. If your preference is an efficient performance, we would recommend you to use Open VPN. In case, if it is not supported in your device, you can use PPTP. However, if your preference is acquiring fast speed, then L2TP/IPsec is the best choice.

VPN gateways:

The PIA VPN service has multiple VPN gateways for different countries all over the world. There are approximately 25 or more VPN gateways in the popular and important countries across the map.

Says no to ads, trackers, and malware:

Who does not get irritated by ads popping up on the screen? Well, everyone does. With PIA VPN, we have got rid of the unwanted and unwelcomed ads! In addition to this, this VPN service also blocks any trackers and malwares that could be a threat to our internet privacy and security.

Internet kill switch available:

This is one amazing feature that we have experienced! If your VPN connection drops, this service will automatically shut down or kill the website on which you were active. In this way, your IP address will be kept protected and hidden so that streaming services such as Netflix is not able to identify your IP and blacklist it.

SOCKS5 proxy:

The combination of PIA VPN with SOCKS5 proxy is to die for! It provides enhanced security and encryption. Furthermore, if your VPN connection is interrupted due to any reason, SOCKS5 proxy will be there to support it.


The PIA VPN offers three pricing packages to its users: a monthly package, a six-months package and a yearly package. The fee for monthly package is $6.95 per month, for six-months package is $5.99 per month and that of the yearly package is only $3.33 per month. The best thing about these pricing packages is that the features are uniform in all and there is no compromise on the service quality. Moreover, there is a seven-day money back guarantee which we have found to be 100% true.

Professional support system:

Have any questions or confusions in your mind? Contact their support system which is available day and night just to help you. You won’t get help from anyone less than a professional or expert!

A quick look at all the features:


Never do the mistake of compromising on your digital security and privacy. You must have got a clear idea about which VPN service is the best, based on our review. It is none other than PIA VPN! So, go ahead and activate this service without wasting any more time. Still having doubts? Take a look at this!

8.8 Total Score

Never do the mistake of compromising on your digital security and privacy. You must have got a clear idea about which VPN service is the best, based on our review. It is none other than PIA VPN! So, go ahead and activate this service without wasting any more time.

  • Free Trial
  • Zero Logs
  • Very Cheap Packages
  • Anonymous Payment
  • Kill Switch
  • US Based Corporation
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