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Social Media Tips To Make Your Profile Private

There is no denying the fact that how important social media has become in our day to day lives. But it is also important to know that everything we share on the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram could impact our lives big time. So, we should always concern about the privacy of our social media accounts and keep it as much private as we can. Here are some nifty social media tips for you that can help you make your Facebook or Twitter account more private than ever before.

Social Media Tips To Make Your Profile Private: 

Tip#1: Take A Look Of Your Account Privacy Settings:

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This is one of the essential social media tips to make your profile secure and private. All you need to do to is to navigate through your Account Privacy Settings and make sure that you meet the 100% private profile requirements that are mentioned below.

  • Furthermore, the audience you select for your personal posts like family pictures and videos should be friends only.
  • Turn the setting off which asks you to show your profile in search results of search engines like Google.
  • Do not any allow anyone to see your friend list and the information you keep on the social media account other than your friends.
  • Do not keep your phone number, email ID or address accessible for the public.
  • Tweak the settings like “Who can contact me?”, “Who can look up to me?”, or “Who can see my stuff?”

Twitter And Instagram:

Unlike Facebook, Twitter and Instagram do not believe in keeping privacy settings much complicated. When it comes to privacy on Instagram and Twitter either you can open your profile for public or make it private just for your friends.

In case of Twitter, follow the steps below to make your account profile private:

  • Go to Settings and privacy under your Twitter profile avatar.
  • Now click the Privacy and Safety and make tick in the box saying “Protect my Tweets.”
  • Navigate through the same window and you can also stop people from finding you using your phone number, email, etc.

Instagram app allows you to tweak the settings from inside the app. Here is how you can get your hands on those settings:

  • On your Instagram profile screen, click the Settings menu ( a dot icon in Android and a cog icon in iOS).
  • Now turn on the switch of Private Account.
  • This will automatically make all your previous and future posts private, allowing only your followers to see your posts.

Tip#2: Rescind the Access Of Third-Party Apps:

It is okay to use the third-party apps on social media like photo editing, app, quiz apps, game apps, etc. But, make sure that you check each of them whether or not you still use them. If any of the apps is not in your use now, you should immediately revoke the access of those apps to your account details like your photos, locations, etc.

Also never give permission to apps that offer you to increase likes, followers, etc. It is because such apps are famous for misusing your account details and data.


Tip#3: Use Geo-tags Sensibly:

I understand adding a location to your post makes it more exciting and relevant especially when you are on the go and posting pictures of every place you are exploring. But this calls for being a bit cautious while using Geo-tagging. Not only it can be an open invitation to all those burglars out there (in case you post any expensive thing that you own with location); it also adds the details of those places you have tagged in your profile. This information can be accessible by anyone. So, always use location tagging feature wisely.


Tip#4: Be Careful Not To Fall Victim Of Phishing Scam:

Another important tip out of all other social media tips is to avoid clicking any malicious link or scammy ads; for it can result in installing malware that can potentially access your account details and eventually your account could be hacked for some unlawful purpose like ransomware and other cyber crimes. Hence, never click the links with any unknown source to be safe from a phishing scam.

Tip#5: Use A VPN:

Out of all social media tips, using a VPN is the most robust one. A VPN encrypts your internet traffic in a such a way that even your ISP can not intercept its encryption. With a VPN in hand, the social media experience becomes safer and more private. It is because it does not allow anybody to snoop through your data and fails every attempt of intrusion.

2 Best Easy to use VPNs

Since VPNs are made to provide you an experience of using the internet anonymously, it also enables you to socialize over the social media websites; keeping your personal information like location and other personal data private and safe. So, make sure when you post any personal picture or stuff on social media, your connection is encrypted via a VPN.

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