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How to stay safe When surfing the Dark Web

Surfing the Dark Web is a tricky thing and your privacy is at huge risk if you aren’t taking proper measures.


What if I tell you there’s a way to surf the Dark Web without risking your privacy?

Sounds interesting, right?

So, let’s jump right in.

Now, before discussing the tips to surf the Dark Web securely, let’s cover the basics first. Shall we?

What is Dark Web?

For those of you who don’t know what is Dark Web, here’s what it actually means:

Dark Web is a collection of websites accessible through specific software only and not through regular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera and etc.

The dark web

If you are new to this, you might be thinking why not accessible through regular browsers?

Well, here’s your answer:

Because, most of the stuff on the Dark Web is either illegal or sensitive.

Dark Web consists of sites selling illegal stuff, Hacking forums, Pirated movies and etc. But yes there are something useful there and that’s the whole purpose of writing this piece. There is some information there that you might not found anywhere else.

How can I access the Dark Web?

Let’s move on to the 2nd question.

Accessing Dark Web is fairly simple. All you need to do is download TOR browser  , Google a link of the Dark Web and open that link on the TOR browser.

That’s it.. You are on the Dark Web.


Here’s something that you should consider before accessing the Dark Web. As soon as you download TOR browser, Your ISP will start monitoring your online activities (As if they are not doing that already 😉 )..

So, you might want to consider the following things to be on the safe side.

Some things to consider before accessing the Dark Web:

Whilst we do not want you to visit the Dark Web, but if you decide to take a look anyway, here are some things that you might want to consider first.

1- Use a VPN

This is not optional! Using TOR browser doesn’t make you anonymous and you must use a VPN to ensure your safety and privacy!

Like I mentioned above, as soon as you download TOR browser, your ISPs will start monitoring your online activity. So we highly recommend you to get a VPN even before you download the TOR browser.

Using a VPN will encrypt your online data, and this way your ISP providers will not be able to monitor the sites that you are visiting. Not only this, but a VPN will also protect you from hackers on the Dark Web by hiding your original IP address.

what's a VPN

To know more about a VPN click: Know all about VPN

2- Do not change the window size of the TOR browser

We highly recommend you not to change the Window size of the TOR browser when surfing the Dark Web.

Wondering why?

Because there are certain programs that hackers and government agencies can use to detect your device just by identifying your screen size! This might sound far fetched, but believe me it isn’t.


3- Turn off the Java script

To make sure that you are absolutely safe, it is highly recommended that you turn off the Java script within the TOR browser settings. This way, now hacker can get to you!

4- Never use your real name, picture, or anything personally identifiable!

This is so obvious isn’t it?

Using your personal identifiable information will definitely put you in trouble! So, we highly recommend you not to use any personally identifieable information whatsoever! Be it your name, your pic, your email address or anything else for that matter.

5- Disconnect your Microphone and Web Cam

As you might know from the Snowden leaks, Government have several ways to hack the microphone and Web cam of your Laptop and Hackers aren’t too far behind.

So, we highly recommend you to cover your Web cam with Black tape and turn off your Microphone while surfing the Dark Web!


We do not want you to visit the Dark Web and this piece is written to create awareness. If you decide to surf the Dark Web and you land your self into trouble, then we will not be responsible for that!


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