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Strong VPN Review – The Most Comprehensive VPN Service

When it comes to your digital security and privacy, activating a powerful and reliable VPN service is compulsory. Considering your identity and sensitive data at risk, what is a better option than the Strong VPN service? As its name suggests, it offers a strong, unbreakable shield to protect your personal data and internet activities. In addition to this, there is no compromise on the speed of the connection, which is surely a cherry on the top. Let us now consider the exquisite features and characteristics offered by this VPN service to its users.

StrongVPN Provides services worldwide:

The server locations of the Strong VPN service are spread across the world, offering its dynamic and exceptional services in about 46 cities in 24 different countries of the world. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about if you want to travel or move to another big country. Life is made easy with Strong VPN!

Data encryption:

The Strong VPN service is concerned about your internet privacy and security as much as you are. Your data and details of your activities are supposed to remain between you and their servers with up to 2048-bit end to end encryption. So, forget about privacy invasion!

Free Strong DNS!

Yes, you heard it right! Sign up and activate Strong VPN right now and avail the free services of Strong DNS. Are you seeking for connection speed more than security? You are at the right place! You can get unlimited and fastest bandwidth with the Strong DNS and let the Strong VPN deal with your privacy and security.

Keeps your IP address hidden and safe:

More often than not, your ISP providers apart from the different government agencies and hackers are hungry to obtain your personal information. You can provide a lot of useful help to them if you do not use the services of Strong VPN because it claims to mask your IP address and prevent the invaders from spying on you while you enjoy surfing or browsing through the internet.

No logs mean NO logs!

The Strong VPN service does not like to or believe in keeping track of your activities on the internet. When they say that your privacy is strictly maintained, believe that it does not go the other way around. Since they value their users’ needs and satisfaction, we are the witness that their claim is not false. After all, who wants prying eyes to invade their privacy?


No extra charges for extra speedy connection:

This service promises to provide the fastest bandwidth you have ever experienced. Believe us, they do not lie! So, brace yourselves to experience the super speedy connections, that too without having to pay any extra charges. Isn’t it amazing?

Automatic setup for various devices:

The Strong VPN service comes with an automatic setup application for multiple devices including Windows, IOS, Android, and MAC. Thus, no complex processes are involved in activating and availing this service. It is extremely simple to get started and it does not require extra efforts, so worry no more!

Bypass regional filters:

Want to access a website that is blocked in your country? Try using Strong VPN for unrestricted browsing! You won’t have to use any software or encryption to bypass the censorship filters. It allows the users to view the content that is blocked or filtered by the government in the region.

Different security packages for various devices:

The Strong VPN service supports PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, Open VPN, and IPsec. You are free to choose the protocol package of your own choice and preference. These security packages are supported in different devices such as Android, Windows, IOS, and Macintosh.

12000+ satisfied customers:

The service is aimed at fulfilling the customers’ needs and provide them a positive experience, and in return, the customers have not disappointed them. There are thousands of fans on Facebook, Twitter and Google + who have had a wonderful time using the Strong VPN and there are over 12000 and more customer reviews which are positive and pleasant. What does more proof one require?

Excellent customer support service:

The professional and technical support is always at your service in case you have any questions, suggestions or issues to share or get answered. According to the reviews of the customers, it has the best customer support and never disappoints the users. One distinct and unique feature that we really liked is Team Viewer Remote Setup. Although the service is pretty easy to activate but still, if there is any confusion, the staff member can log into your computer and install the Strong VPN for you.

StrongVPN Pricing packages:

The Strong VPN service offers three pricing packages; monthly, yearly and a 3-months package. You can obtain the monthly package for the price of $10 per month, the 3-months package for $8 per month and the yearly package for only $5.83 per month by saving up to 41%. There is no discrimination related to the features offered in the three packages.

5 days money back guarantee:

Still having doubts whether to try the Strong VPN or not? No problem! In case you are not satisfied with the services, you can always quit and if you do so within five days, your money will be refunded.

Wrapping it up:

To conclude, a VPN service should be effective in protecting your identity and maintaining your privacy over the internet. Compromise on the quality of its service is not possible. Therefore, to meet your requirements, the Strong VPN is at your doorstep and just one click away. We are sure that this review will change your life and bring your mind to peace by standing in the way between you and, the hackers and ISP providers. Thank us later!

8.5 Total Score
Very Good

StrongVPN is a first rate VPN service provider that delivers fast and dependable VPN connections. However, it is located in the US and is subject to their laws which can change anytime, concerning logging and anonymity.

  • Complete Online Security
  • Zero Logs
  • 5 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Automatic Setup On Various Devices
  • US Based
User Rating: 2.75 (4 votes)
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