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How to surf the internet anonymously

Anonymity if perceives as an essential ingredient for one’s privacy then it becomes one of the fundamental right of an individual. Surfing the internet without being snooped or leaving foot prints to follow you is not something impossible. Today, we at The Tech Mark will make you acquainted with the ways to surf the internet anonymously.

Why You Need To Be Anonymous Over the Web?

Mostly, the privacy geeks want to opt for the ways that can provide them internet anonymity. Since, this is the era of technology up-rise where consumer’s privacy is an easy thing to be compromised; so, people from across the world seem to be concerned about their internet privacy. If you are one of those people, then you have landed on a right place.

But, if your intention of attaining anonymity is to do any shady or illicit activity then let me pop the bubble of your dream; the authorities still have highly advanced tool to track you if they sense your intentions. So, we recommend you not to take risk or do it at your own responsibility.

How To Surf the Internet Anonymously:

Following simple ways can help you surf the internet anonymously:

1- Hide Behind TOR:

TOR browsers are best to provide you a safe and anonymous internet surfing experience. The TOR browser is free and works by using onion routing technique. This program distributes your internet data traffic through various encrypted TOR servers. The purpose behind it is to hide your original IP and the server on the other end could see the IP of TOR server.

Tor vpn

However, it is almost impossible to track the TOR browser surfing, but it makes your browsing super slow due to layers of encryptions. You can use this for browsing any sensitive information that you do not want to be leaked.

2-Take A VPN’s Shield:

VPN which means Virtual Private Network is by far the most robust cyber security suite. The VPN provides your internet connection a fully encrypted shield with the military grade end-to-end encryption. The VPN tool directs your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel that is connected to a remote server on the other end. This hides your identity and provides you the internet anonymity. Also, if you pick a good VPN service, then you will not have to compromise much on your connection speed.

Kodi VPN

3. Use Private Browsers Or Incognito Mode:

For all those privacy concerned netizens, this is a must do tip to attain anonymity over the web. Especially, when you are using a shared network or public computer, then you should head into the browser toolbar and click on Incognito Window or Private browsing mode. This will not keep the logs of your browsing history and the websites you visit will no longer store the cookies. Hence, this way you can surf the internet anonymously to some extent.

4. Nip the Evil Of Cookies into Bud:

Cookies can turn out to be the foot prints to track you once you browse any website. However, blocking and deleting these cookies can save you a bit but not completely. You can successfully do it by downloading the cookies cleaner. This tool will flash all the stored cookies and lessen the chances of tracking. But, some websites do use third-party cookies to keep logs of your browsing history.

5. Stay Away From Social Media’s Tracking:

Social media tracking can sometimes become so annoying. Not only social media all the edge-providers like Facebook and Google retain the logs of your browsing history for targeted ads. To get rid of this tracking, tweak the privacy settings of these famous edge providers to stop retaining your data for adverts.

For Facebook: Facebook>Settings>Adverts> tweak the settings of whether or not the ads will base on your click in and out of Facebook.

For Twitter: Settings>Security and Privacy> uncheck Tailor Ads.

For Google: Go to Shared Endorsement in ads> Switch off ads personalization> Download  Google Analytics Browser Add-on to stop Google from using your data for creating a profile for third-party ads.

6. Consider Using Digital Currency For Payments:

While purchasing and selling if you use the digital method of payments like Bitcoin, you will minimize the chances of tracking. So, if you want to not only surf the internet anonymously but also purchase anonymously then consider using digital currencies.


7. Disable Unused Plugins:

Inevitably, Plugins sometime become the gateway for the malware to enter into the browser. So, it seems a safe idea to disable those plugins which are no more in your use.

8. Turn Off Website Tracking:

In order to stop the websites from tracking you, go to the browser’s Setting and disable tracking. To further lessen the chances of tracking you can also download some anti-tracking plugins that work efficiently in this regard.

To wrap up this, all I want to add is that privacy matters and so is anonymity. But if you are using it for any illicit purpose then you are less likely to be safe for a long time. Here at The Tech Mark, we help you attain your internet privacy and has given you the ways to surf the internet anonymously. In all fair, we are not here to support any shady activity at all.

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