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Top 5 Search Engines For Better Privacy And Anonymity

Search engines are the programs which locate the accurate information for you over the internet through the keywords which you type on the search bars. There are specified characters and words associated with each site which help you find best results according to the desires. There are various search engines which are available for the users, and the top one is Google.


Google isn’t good when it comes to privacy!

Here’s why Google isn’t so Good

Have you ever thought that Google could be collecting all your information without your permission and storing it as well? Well if you have then you are not wrong. Google does save your information which is why the next time when you open the search bar; it will be giving you the suggestions which you previously used. Here are some points which will help you not to browse too much on Google:

–    Saves cookies

–    Saves history

–    Collects and stores all the private information such as name, address, phone number, credit card information and much more.

–    Can be easily broken by a professional hacker

List of 5 Best Search Engines for Ultimate Privacy

Here are some of the search engines which you can use for safe browsing on the internet.

01- Duck Duck Go

DuckDuck go is a popular search engine which is used by the majority of the people all around the world. The privacy of this search engine is indefinable with hiding all your information and is not accessible by anyone. It does not track the cookies neither saves data. It generates the unknown status of you as a user over the internet no matter which website you visit. This is the best search engine which respects your privacy fully with a simple home page. DuckDuck go does not recognize you so whenever you are searching, it will give you the results just like it shows to everyone else without having any stored track of your choices.


02- WolframAlpha

This is known to be a private search engine which offers the details according to your knowledge. Wolfram Alpha provides you computed search which does not keep track of you. It provides information regarding all the topics, but with keeping your information completely confidential.


03- Startpage

If you wish to have ultimate privacy, then Startpage is your search engine. When you enter search button on this page, it delivers the information to Google anonymously with providing you accurate results. Google is only able to see that the search request is coming from start page but cannot track who is searching and from where.

Startpage does not store any personal information and does not support cookies as well. The IP addresses are discarded as soon as the user closes the window of the browser. There is no hidden record with start page.


It also includes a feature of proxy which can be slow, but if you have VPN connection, then you would not be having an issue with the speed.

04- Ixquick

Ixquick associated with the search engine start page. The difference between both is that Ixquick pulls out information from other search engines too besides only Google. These both have a similar interface, but results would be different if you open both search engines and try them. It helps you get the result on anonymity from various sources. Your information is private where the sources of Ixquick is visible to the websites but not the user’s information.


It does not save any history or information regarding the user and works faster with the VPN connection.

05- Blekko

Blekko follows the lead of DuckDuck go and other search engine pages mentioned, but it is safer than google, yahoo or bing. It does not save any personal information of user, and if it saves history, it automatically deletes after 48 hours. If you do not want to keep the history, then you can change settings by disabling the super privacy option within the browser. You can surf anonymously over the internet without any worry and cost with keeping all your information private as well.

Need More Privacy? Use Search Engines with a VPN Connection

Privacy is a concern for everyone who uses the internet since all the data gets stored. People who are expert in hacking can access all your information if you do not take the precautions beforehand. The virtual private networks help you by providing full protection from the unknown attackers. You can use safe browsing within VPN connection with the help of search engines mentioned in this article. There is nothing more important than your information which is all open in the cloud of internet so make a wise move now. Choose the best search you like according to your requirements and consider to download it for free.

Choosing Your VPN Provider

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