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VPN vs. Incognito Mode: Comparing the two

A secure and strong connection requires VPN services which provide you best experience without any interruption in the system. There is no anxiety of the information being leaked or shared with any third party because of the reliable VPN connection. Incognito mode helps you bring safety till your browser, but VPN covers the whole you in the virtual world. Find out about the important details regarding both VPN and incognito mode systems to analyze the best one for yourself as follows.

What is Incognito Mode?

Incognito mode associated with the browser which you use on your computers. Incognito mode is a private browsing which one can use to access private information. It does not allow internet history to store in the computer and removes it automatically as you keep on browsing. It will not provide you a complete anonymity on the internet but helps you not to save your information on the websites which you access from your IP address. The black window which opens up on the browser separately great for a short term but all the data caught through the websites which you visit through this mode.

How incognito mode works?

Incognito mode is easily exchangeable for you through your computer systems. The websites can catch your information but with you being anonymous to them. Each page on the internet is familiar with your IP address, and if further information needs to be pulled out, then it can be done by the authorities for the serious matter. The add-ons which installed in the browser saves your information and the browsing habits with allowing cookies are present even in private mode.

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What is a VPN?

A VPN is a secure connection develop through the Internet where none of your information is visible to the websites no matter where you wish to access. Even if you are not using the website locally, the global websites will be easy to access with full speed and high security over the data regarding your computer and IP address. There are different types of encryptions linked with VPNs and work best to keep your privacy intact. No one can access the information stored on the VPNs.


VPN connection is a need for everyone who uses the internet regularly without worrying of all the viruses and attackers which can harm you virtually and can be a reason for your loss.

Comparing VPN and incognito mode

  • Safety

Between VPN and incognito, the safest connection is VPN which provides you ultimate protective connection. You are free to connect to any server through VPN and enjoy the services like never before whereas, incognito mode has no link to VPN and can prove to be risky at any point.

  • Connections

VPN is a network which is shared one and incognito works as a private network with hiding your identity but exposing your IP address which can look over your location quickly. VPN makes you an anonymous over the internet completely without revealing any of your details to the third parties as well as providing you great experience whether you wish to watch videos or check websites.

  • Extensions

A good thing about Incognito is that when you use the browser, it deactivates all the extensions which help you not to save the data online. Whereas, VPN does not allow any of your information disclosed even if you are not using incognito mode.

  • Cost

There is no hidden cost for the incognito mode since it works on the browser you install in your systems without any price. VPN are costly when it comes to the premium versions which allows you P2P services, no logs savings, high speed, best streaming, secure encryptions, unlimited bandwidth and much more. There are free versions of VPN as well, but they do not provide you the ultimate pleasant experience as the premium version does.


The best way to get to a conclusion is through getting the VPN services where you won’t have to use the incognito mode. You can surely delete the history from your browser if you do not want to save it. Your data and information will kept safe and hidden from everyone over the internet at least.

Using an incognito mode may seem a good option but it is not! Getting a VPN is the right way and you do not have to worry that anyone out of the internet would be able to access your information without you knowing about it. With incognito mode, you make a safe place for you within your physical surrounding, but with VPN, you are secure in the vast cloud of the internet.

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