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VPN vs. Remote Desktops

As remote desktop is a popular mean of communication for the people who work from home along with VPN can help you in securing the connection with anonymity. Your information will be shared only with the person you are interacting with hiding all your details for the suspicious activities out there in the cloud of the internet. You will be able to find a strong bond between two systems so here is a clear picture for you to consider VPN over remote desktop to make the right and wise decision.

What is Remote Desktop?  

Remote desktop is an operating system which allows the computer to connect at other location with another system. The other computer/system can see the screen with accessing the data easily. It is like sitting at your home and working on someone’s computer virtually.


How Remote Desktop works?

Remote Desktop depends upon various protocols which work virtually with the technology known as NX and ICA through networking virtually. Both ends need to have access to the internet with the software of remote desktop to access the systems. The systems are not accessible without either of the user’s permission. There is an ID provided to each and the passcode is given to the other person with mutual consent so the users can share the screen and systems by sitting at their home. Remote desktops do not cost you since the software can be found online with free installation as well.

What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network is a secure network which works privately with keeping the information and data of the user fully private no matter what you browse through on the internet. It helps you stay away from viruses or attackers from accessing your information, address, phone numbers, credit card information and much more. VPN is the safest network to use if all the work gets completed on the internet by the user. VPN services do cost you if you wish to have the premium account but they are worth your money. No one can access the data of any user without the authorities and that too if needed. Your information is secure under any circumstances with the VPN services.

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Comparing VPN and Remote Desktop

Below is a quick comparison between two systems which help you differentiate and pick out similarities, so you can make the safe decision for your virtual life.

–    Remote Locations

Both VPN and Remote Desktop work upon the feature of remote locations that no matter where you are, it is easier for you to access the other person’s data. The difference between these two services is the accessibility and limited resources which the users allow.

–    Connections

VPN allows you to access the resources which are open in the network. It can include printers, folders, streaming and much more. Whereas, Remote Desktop gives the freedom to access the entire system to the other user if allowed. It gives full control to the computer between the two parties with mutual consent. The resources stay open with sharing the network as well. The applications launch with performing operations as if you are using someone else’s computer in real.


The security of remote desktop is not reliable as VPN. It can be broken and can be accessed by a third person through hacking tricks. It is always better to use the remote desktop through the VPN connection to have safe and secure communication. VPN keeps the data confidential with strong connection and encryption which is impossible to break. It gives you enough speed, and the work gets done faster than you can think of. The structure of VPN is protected and difficult to break for any third-party attackers.

–    Networks

VPN works on large networks whereas remote desktop works with just one system. If the other user allows, then they can make the connection. It is specific and limited, and while VPN is the access to shared network all over the world. A great layer of security associated with VPN and if you wish to use remote desktop then it needs to be done through VPN.


Privacy is a huge concern as information technology expands more over the years. Hence, People have passwords on their phones, laptops and all the devices. Have you ever thought why? It is because of the insecurity of sharing the data. Similarly, if you do not use VPN services, then your data is exposed to anyone over the internet which can be harmful in so many ways. Usage of the internet will never stop which is why it is always recommended to use the safe road which is through getting the VPN connection now with high encryptions. So, consider using both systems but by mixing one in another to have a secure connection to a peaceful life.

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