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VyprVPN Review and Test Results 2017

VyprVPN Review and Test Results 2017




VyprVPN is a Switzerland-based VPN benefit that performed exceptionally well in testing for this audit. Broad testing of their Windows, Mac OS, and Android applications did not recognize any holes, bugs, or issues. They are one of only a handful few VPN suppliers that really claims each server in their VPN arrange (no leasing from outsiders). Beside greater security, this additionally furnishes you with superb paces and unwavering quality, in view of my testing.


The fundamental downsides with VyprVPN are their association logs and hostile to torrenting strategies. In the event that utilization their system for broad torrenting and copyright infringement, they may hinder your record. The association logs additionally are not very disturbing. VyprVPN is exceptionally straightforward about their arrangements (no untrustworthy or opposing cases) and all association information is erased following 30 days.


As far as esteem, VyprVPN additionally does great. They offer a 25% rebate on yearly designs, which brings the cost down to $3.75 a month, making this one of the least expensive (top notch) VPNs you will discover. Each membership additionally incorporates a 3 day free trial, which enables you to test VyprVPN before being charged.


Continue perusing for a point by point report of the upsides and downsides, or look at the 25% markdown here >>




  • Totally self-possessed and worked server organize, including secure DNS
  • Phenomenal system security
  • Awesome velocities and dependability
  • Highlights to overcome VPN blocking (Chameleon convention)
  • Easy to use applications for some gadgets/stages.




  • Insignificant association logs (no action, deleted each 30 days)
  • Torrenting (P2P downloads) disheartened


Estimating and markdown

VyprVPN Review

With the 25% markdown, VyprVPN offers a decent esteem. For an elite VPN with a huge determination of applications, the costs are very aggressive.


Here are the principle contrasts between the two designs:


Associations – 3 with essential/5 with premium


Chameleon Protocol

This is a self-created OpenVPN 256-piece convention intended to vanquish VPN squares and conceal the way that you’re utilizing a VPN. The Chameleon convention would be a decent alternative for crushing VPN confinements with colleges/schools, corporate systems, network access suppliers, or nations like China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Qatar, and so on.

The VyprVPN Cloud


VyprVPN offers diverse installment alternatives, including all real charge cards, PayPal, and Alipay.


Vypr VPN and client security


VyprVPN offers some novel advantages over different VPNs in the ranges of securing client information and ensuring your protection.

vyprvpn-switzerlandVyprVPN is possessed and overseen by Golden Frog GmbH, an organization situated in Meggen, Switzerland. This puts VyprVPN and all client information under Swiss laws.


The proprietors of VyprVPN are in Texas (USA) and have a long history battling for online protection and combatting illicit mass reconnaissance.


VyprVPN was made in light of the notorious Room 641a embarrassment, where the NSA (US government spy office) was leading unlawful mass observation utilizing AT&T’s system.


Add up to arrange control (no outsiders)


One major favorable position with VyprVPN is that they claim and oversee 100% of their VPN server organize. This removes every single outsider and better secures your information and protection.


Numerous VPNs lease servers from outsiders. This an issue on the grounds that these servers are regularly logged by the host (landowner). That puts your data in another person’s hands, notwithstanding when the VPN cases to be a “no logs” benefit. Be that as it may, with VyprVPN, they keep up 100% control over the equipment, the system, and the code, expelling every outsider from the condition.

VyprDNS – Encrypted DNS without logs


Numerous VPN benefits additionally depend on outsider DNS. Much the same as with servers, outsiders will log the information. VyprVPN gives their own particular DNS administrations, called VyprDNS – see here for a clarification. This self-possessed and worked framework better secures your DNS asks for (perusing history) from outsider snooping.


Bolstered gadgets and stages


VyprVPN offers applications for a colossal number of gadgets (more than different VPNs I have tried). They additionally bolster a wide range of stages and switches.


VyprVPN Review


VyprVPN bolsters an extensive assortment of gadgets and stages.


The primary concern to remember is the association confinement, which differs relying upon the valuing plan you pick:
  • Fundamental arrangement ($3.75) gives you 3 associations
  • Premium arrangement ($5.00) gives you 5 associations


One trap to utilizing a VPN on numerous gadgets, without surpassing your association confine is to utilize a VPN on a switch. The switch will consider one gadget, however, it will expand the assurance and advantages of a VPN to each gadget that associates with the switch.


See this well-ordered VPN switch control for directions on setting up VyprVPN with a good Asus switch. Also, for an outline on VPN switches with all the diverse alternatives, see the VPN Routers Resource Guide.


VyprVPN Application Testing

VyprVPN offers easy to understand applications that performed exceptionally well in testing for this survey. There were never any issues with the application slamming, solidifying up, or spilling information. I tried VyprVPN applications on:



Macintosh OS



This is what the desktop application resembles, with the areas screen on the right, arranged by ping (inertness).

You can likewise observe there are two highlights enacted in the VPN application:


Off button – This powers all web activity through the VPN.

This guarantees your genuine IP address does not spill out of the VPN burrow.

My general involvement in testing out the distinctive applications is that they are straightforward and work exceptionally well. Given that most VPN applications don’t function admirably – and regularly spill client information – VyprVPN additionally separates itself from the jam around there.


Vypr VPN Android


Many individuals need a VPN that will perform well on cell phones. VyprVPN offers both an Android application and also an iOS application.

VyprVPN Android


Break test comes about (right) indicate everything is working consummately (no holes).

Another incredible element of the Android customer is the capacity to specifically course applications on your gadget through the VPN on a for every application premise.


vyprvpn application survey


VyprVPNAndroid customer gives you the capacity to specifically course extraordinary applications through the VPN.


VyprVPN additionally offers an awesome iOS application that I have utilized as a part of the past despite the fact that did not altogether test for this audit.


VPN is a magnificent decision in case you’re searching for secure sealed VPN applications to use with Android or iOS.

VyprVPN privacy and security test results

Vypr did well in all privacy and security tests, without any problems to report.

I ran the Windows, Mac OS, and Android apps through an extensive round of tests to check for:

  • IP address leaks (both IPv4 and IPv6)
  • DNS leaks
  • WebRTC leaks (which affects Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers)
  • Killswitch (to see if it is properly blocking all traffic when the VPN connection drops)

There were a few of the results.

Testing a server in the United Kingdom:

VyprVPN Review and Test Results 2017

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